What is a Chimney? – Types & Uses Of Chimnies

A kitchen chimney is an electronic device that sucks smoke, odor, and oil from your kitchen to keep it clean and grease-free. It is a structure that vents hot flue gasses or smoke from a boiler, stove, furnace, or Chimney to the outside environment.

A kitchen chimney is a device that collects smoke and pollutants from the kitchen, resulting in a clean, oil-free, and smoke-free environment. In fact, incorporating a modern kitchen chimney into your modular kitchen enhances its elegance and style.

Kitchen Chimneys are one of the key essential appliances for your kitchen these days.

What Is The Meaning Of Chimney?

A hollow structure that allows smoke from a fire within a Buildings, esp. from a chimney via exhaust air to air outside.

Chimneys help keep your kitchen clean and tidy. It is a permanent solution if you have problems with oil and grease build-up on the walls of your kitchen. When cooking, the room often becomes a heat chamber. A range hood also solves this problem by dissipating heat. There are many uses for kitchen Chimneys like mentioned below.

Also, it makes your home look stunning and allows fresh air to flow into the room.

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Types Of Chimneys

There are many types of chimney both for residential and commercial kitchen purpose and the major chimney types are

  1. Wall Mount Chimney
  2. Built-in Chimney
  3. Mesh Filters Chimney
  4. Corner Chimney
  5. Baffle Filter Chimney
  6. Activated Carbon Filter Chimney

1.Wall Mount Chimney:

As the name suggests, these types of products can be wall mounted. You must have a kitchen table close to the wall to mount this type of model. It is one of the most common and popular species in apartments and houses. Not only are they available in different designs, but also in different shapes and sizes. They are available in both 90cm and 60cm models.

In addition, the wall models add elegance to your space. They are set aside and help keep the area clean. No matter if your apartment is small or big, you can always use the wall mount models. They are mostly made of stainless steel, which makes them more durable. You can also get filter options for wall mount models. Some self-cleaning models can even be wall mounted.

2. Built-in Chimney:

If you are speculating on how to choose the best kitchen chimney, you should know the types in detail. Here we discuss the integrated type that is prevalent in modular kitchen spaces. They are also wall mounted, but placed in the cupboard or wooden furniture above the stove. In addition, their installation is such that the additional parts of the model are exposed.

In addition, the fact that they do not take up additional space and have a compact and elegant appearance makes them attractive.

If you have a small or large kitchen area, you can install them there as well. These models add a lot of elegance to your kitchen area. Unlike any other type, this type also gives you filter options and size options.

3. Corner Chimney:

As the name suggests, these models are installed in the corner. If you have limited space and a corner kitchen table, you can use these models. They are available in different filter types and sizes. These products not only add an impressive look to your kitchen space, but also easily fit into your compact design. In addition, they have several finishes.

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However, if you have a large kitchen, these might also fit if you have a corner ceramic hob.

4. Mesh Filters Chimney:

Since you want to learn about the different types of kitchen Chimneys you should first familiarize yourself with screen filters. As the name suggests, this filter has mesh that will trap any type of solid particles like grease as the smoke passes through. The grille is made of stainless steel or aluminum. However, you will need to clean the screen frequently to achieve the efficient and uninterrupted suction power.

5. Baffle Filter Chimney:

If you want to know what type of Chimney is best for an Indian kitchen, the answer is always a baffle filter model. Almost all of these products sold in India have impact filters. The curved stainless steel screens catch oil and other contaminants as smoke is released. These reasons make the baffle filter the best choice when it comes to what type of kitchen Chimney is best. You only need to clean them every three or four months.

They don’t make too much noise while working. However, cleaning these filters is very easy as they come in a removable form. You can disassemble it and clean it yourself without much effort.

6. Activated Carbon Filter Chimney:

This is another type that appears when you search for What kind of kitchen Chimney is better. They have a carbon plate with holes that make them better during operation.

The holes trap dirt and grease particles. Unlike your carbon filter water purifiers, these items also have the same thing. They are also known to remove bad food odors. Carbon filters are also suitable for ductless chimney models. You don’t have to worry much about maintenance and you can clean it in just twice a year.

Charcoal filters are one of the most well-known types of Chimneys in India.

Uses Of Chimney:

Chimneys are designed to direct hot exhaust gasses out of living spaces. Traditional chimneys were designed vertically so the hot gasses, which are denser than the outside air, would rise up the chimney. The rising hot air would create a pressure difference that would draw in the combustion air and expel the exhaust gasses.

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When it comes to Indian cooking, grilling and frying food in oil, using masalas, reheating dishes, etc. leaves marks in your kitchen over time with dirt and food stains. Watery eyes and cooking smells can also act as a deterrent for many. This is where an electric kitchen Chimney or extractor hood can come in handy. Electric Chimneys are designed to suck in the air in a kitchen along with the fat particles.

As air flows through, chimney screens absorb heat and trap grease particles, keeping your kitchen fresh and odor-free.

Chimneys are better at eliminating unwanted odors that come from cooking. Once the chimney is lit you will not smell any unpleasant odors for a fantastic cooking experience.

Because most of the suction power of electric Chimneys is impressive, cooking spicy food removes all flavors and eliminates constant sneezing. Chimneys are less likely to inhale spices, which means fewer sneezes.

Tip: Kitchen Chimneys are extremely useful in Indian kitchens to keep the air fresh and clean.

How Does A Chimney Work?

Chimneys work on a basic scientific concept that hot air rises above cold air. The hot air from cooking creates a condition where the chimney has to suck in all the hot air consisting of smoke, dirt and oil.

Once that’s done, the hot air passes through a series of filters where it loses oil, dirt, and clean smoke at various levels. When the hot air reaches the exit point of the chimney, only normal hot air is pushed out. All the oil, smoke, dirt was drawn out through the chimney.

The filters that do the work need to be cleaned regularly for the device to function properly.

Chimneys have traditionally been inspired by the scientific concept that hot air rises and long vertical chimneys direct hot air outward. As air flows through the chimney, it filters and absorbs heat, and the fine filters in the chimney capture particles. A Chimney in the kitchen is a must in every home.

They help keep the kitchen clean and organized. An added benefit of the Chimney is that it not only keeps the kitchen odor free but also adds to the overall theme and design of the kitchen and home.

Another of the most important features of the Chimney is that it keeps the kitchen cool by sucking in hot air and steam from the utensils. This prevents the steam from hitting the cook’s face