How Many Watts Induction Stove Is Good?

It is not a matter of debate that induction stoves have risen to prominence over the last couple of years. Not only do they make cooking easier and faster, but they consume less and require less maintenance, which in turn saves a lot of bucks!

They heat faster than their electric and gas counterparts while offering precise temperature control as well. They are also a safer way to cook since they don’t emit gas into the air and maintain a cool cooking surface.

Investing in induction stoves sounds like a pretty great deal, however, there are still certain things that one should keep in mind before making the final choice. You would certainly like to get clarity upon how many watts induction stove would be most suitable for you!

Power Consumption of Induction Cooktops

Power Consumption of Induction Cooktops:

It is a known fact that the power consumption of induction cooktops depends on their size. The larger the size, the more power it will require for better functioning.

The working of an induction cooktop is based upon the electromagnetic field. An electromagnetic coil and ceramic plate are provided with an induction cooker which is responsible for generating heat.

There are majorly three types of induction cookers in the market:

  • Portable or compact induction cooker
  • Build-in induction cooker
  • Freestanding induction cooker

A question that is frequently asked is how much electricity is consumed by induction cooktops per hour. Well, it is to be noted that the construction of induction cooktops depends upon numerous factors such as operating hours and rated powers. However, on average, 1700 to 3000 watts per hour is consumed.

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Wattage Settings of Induction Cooktops:

There is a wide range of induction settings for cooktops, primarily ranging from 120W, 800W to 2100W and the temperatures can be set up accordingly depending on the intensity of heat required for cooking.

It is of utmost importance to select the brand properly because the range for the wattage is generally different across several product ranges.

There are brands available in the market which offer high end quality cooktops such as Prestige and Phillips.

Which Is the Right Wattage Rating Induction Stove to Use?

Choosing the best Induction stove can be a heavy task, however, to make the work easier for you we have short-listed the best induction stoves. The following induction cooktops offer the best wattage rating;-

1. V Guard Induction Cooktop

Not only this induction cooktop is loaded with various features, but is budget-friendly as well! It has a digital timer control, eight power levels and a fast heating function.

 It can provide from 120 Watts to 1600 watts and comes up with a warranty of up to one year. If you have kids at home, then buying this stove would be the ideal deal for you as it is safe to use.

2. Philips Viva Collection HD4928/01 2100-Watt Induction Cooktop

The most impressive thing about this cooktop is it offers six preset cooking menus which help to reduce the time of set up.

It has been built in good quality, is easy to set up and very user-friendly.

3. Prestige PIC 16.0+ 1900- Watt Induction Cooktop with Push-button

You would Feel glad to hear that this cooktop offers an Indian menu which will allow you to make your favourite meals whenever you want.

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 Its automatic voltage regulator ensures power-saving technology and durability.

Being very lightweight, it is easy to carry and carries easy operational functions.

4. Prestige PIC 20 Induction Cooktop with Push-button

This Cooktop has a unique design which ensures protection against insects and carries an automatic voltage regulator.

Not only is it portable and efficient, but it also has an aerodynamic cooling system.

5. Prestige Induction Cooktop Pic 6.1 V3 2200 Watts

Prestige Induction cooktop comes with a built-in Indian menu, an anti-magnetic wall, a dual heat sensor, an automatic voltage regulator and a feather touch buttons. It also offers an automatic keep-warm function with a whistle counter.

Difference Between 1200 Watts and 1800 Watts Induction Cooker:

Watt is used to indicate the amount of electricity consumed. It must be known that the greater the power range is, the greater the capacity to generate heat would be.

So if you are opting for high cooking frequency, an 1800-watt cooker would be a more suitable option.

However, it is advised to use a 1200 induction cooker if your cooking requires less heat so that the extra watts generated wouldn’t go to waste.


Coming to the bottom line, if you are still wondering about how many watts induction stove is good, then it is completely safe to conclude that any induction Cooktop that offers a power rate between 1200Watts to 2000 watts would be the most suitable choice to make sure of faster cooking. 

The above mentioned cooktops are some of the best cooktops that are available in the market, however, it is advised to thoroughly cross check the specifications and do in depth research before making the final decision.

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