Eurodomo Chimney Review 2023 – is it Best to Buy?

kitchen chimneys are a vital part of our life. Here in India, we have a variety of brands. But there are very few which are quality made. We all love to cook and decorate. And at home, there is always a need for a good quality kitchen chimney.

And today we are bringing you economic and feature-rich companies which will help you in the kitchen but won’t cost you your bank. Here’s the Eurodomo Chimney Review 2023.

Eurodomo Chimney Review 2022.

Eurodomo Kitchen Chimney Review 2023

Most of our audience don’t know much about these company and doesn’t tend to trust at a first glance but we assure you these are one of the finest product bring up by the european company. Being the fastest growing company around India it provides Quality product which are in budget. And today we have reviewed chimney for different budget and sizes of the kitchen which are divided into 3 categories

Here we have categorized these Chimneys on the basis of price and features and most importantly size as most of the Indian Kitchen falls between size of Small to Medium.

1. Eurodomo 60 cm 800 m³/HR Pyramid Kitchen Chimney

As per the price point and considering its small size it does its work quite well, Eurodomo 60 cm 800 m³ comes in a Black Shade with Pyramid like structure it is an average-looking small-sized chimney. If we talk about it’s working it consist of motor with 800 m³ of suction power which is adequate regarding it’s size

It is manufactured in stainless steel body which makes it durable as well as it is embedded with Cassette filter for filtration of kitchen which it does quite well, don’t expect much like it will absorb all of the oils and smoke from the kitchen with a push of a button but it does it’s job considerably well.

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With the price point between INR 4k-5k it is an great investment for your kitchen

2. Eurodomo 90 cm 1200 m³/hr Auto-Clean Chimney

As we increase our budget alongside the size of the kitchen there are various good quality products one of them is Eurodomo 90 cm 1200 m³/hr, it is their budget line chimney with curved glass panel with black accents which make it more modern in terms of design.

In terms of features, it comes with a baffle filter accompanied by a motor with a peak performance of 1200 m³/hr which assures clean and hygienic chimney with an auto-clean feature so you don’t have to mess around to clean up the chimney.

additionally, it has a touch control sensor for easy operation with led lights to work around dim conditions with price brackets around 7-8.5k INR you can consider this as an great choice for your kitchen.

3. Eurodomo 90 cm 1200 m³/hr Autoclean Filterless chimney with Touch & Motion Sensor

This is one of their top-ranked and one of the bestseller chimneys by the company which is suitable for both medium to large sized kitchens with high power motor with a peak capacity of 1200 m³ which sucks out all of the grease and oil from the kitchen

One of the best part of this chimney is it’s Filterless design which ensures great suction without thinking of maintenance and with auto clean technology, gesture control is ensures quick and effortless working which makes it one of the best in the segment.

For the price point of 9k-10k it is one of the great product provided by Eurodomo

Features of Eurodomo Chimney:

Some of the best feature that we found in the Eurodomo Chimney Review 2023 were

  1. Low Noise Operations while working it produces less noise which won’t irritate you while working having a pleasing experience, With Noise level up to 58Db is ensures smooth operation and the high power engine works great with low noise as compared to other brands with Eurodomo
  2. Stainless Steel Body This build ensures no rust or rust-free working throughout its timeline also it consists of filters which are also stainless steel in nature which is a great add-on for the price
  3. Design With the price point it provides a great curved glass body which is rough and tough enough to work through the timeline also with it the color use is also great which won’t peel off soon
  4. Features Embedded with features like Gesture control, Touch Controls with LED lights, and auto clean features make them one of the wanted products. With gesture control and touch controls, it helps to operate the chimney easier and protects the chimney from getting messier
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Latest Technology:

As an European brand it Made from stainless steel, the Chimney is a great way to keep your kitchen ventilated while still preventing unwanted odours. It also has an anti-slip coating to help prevent it from wobbling when in use. The Chimney can be used on both gas and electric appliances.

The main purpose of a kitchen chimney is to allow smoke, smells and other particles to escape from the kitchen. Smoke can cause serious health problems if it gets into your home. This is why it is important to have a good chimney installed in your kitchen. Chimneys can be installed in a number of different ways. They can be placed on the ceiling, on the walls or under the floor. The design will depend on your specific needs and what materials are available.


Chimney installation is one of the most important tasks in any home. It is what allows your stove or fireplace to do its job efficiently and effectively. However, many people don’t know how to install a chimney properly. This can lead to unnecessary damage and potential fires. That’s why it’s important to get a professional to do the work for you.

Within 36 hours, the brand will contact you about installation which includes kits provided by the company which includes ducts and hoses and charge for . Standard Installation (600) + Ducting Kit (1200)

After Sale Service:

The after sale service of Eurodomo is just average where the company provides 1 Year of warranty on chimney and 5 years on motors also there are less amount of service centre for the company which can be severe headache for the people

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Pros of Having a Eurodomo Chimney Installed:

– Chimneys are designed to constantly pull air in and push out hot air and gases like smoke. Having a chimney installed on the wall behind your stove will pull the smoke out of the kitchen. This is a much better option than just letting the smoke stay in the kitchen and making a stink. Having a Eurodomo chimney installed will let you use less of these fuels, which will be better for the environment.

Cons of Installing a Eurodomo Chimney:

The installation of a chimney will require a different wall structure than a range hood. This means that you will need to redo your wall and make room for the chimney. This will cost more money and take more time to complete. While having a chimney is better for you and your home, it does take up a lot of space behind your stove. This means that you won’t be able to put a lot of items on the counter behind the stove.

Final Words:

The Eurodomo chimney review 2023 found that this is a great and inexpensive alteration that will have a huge impact on your home. Having a chimney installed will let you vent smoke from your stove, save money on energy bills, and improve the overall look of your kitchen.

When you install a chimney, you will be able to remove the smoke from the stove from the kitchen and outside of the home.

This will make the kitchen smell better and will help you save money on energy bills each year. If you’re thinking about installing a chimney, make sure you do your research first.