Elica Vs Faber Chimney – Which Is Best Company For Kitchen Chimney In India?

Indian cuisine is as varied as its culture. Famous Indian cuisines are made up of various meals from various locations of India. Each ethnicity and culture may have their own cooking style. However, spices, ghee, and other oils are required ingredients in the majority of Indian recipes.

Kitchens in India require excellent ventilation due to the way Indian households cook.

People in the past tried a variety of ventilation solutions, but presently, chimneys are the most effective. They are vertical columns that are installed over stoves, furnaces, and fireplaces to allow smoke and hot gasses to escape.

Elica and Faber are two of the most popular and best-selling kitchen chimney brands and are two well-known kitchen appliance brands in India. And to choose the best from them, here we have a guide Elica Vs Faber Chimney and these two brands, unlike other brands imported from outside India, have production units in India.

Is Elica A Good Brand?

Elica is one of the most well-known brands of kitchen appliances in India. More Guarantee: Elica is one of the greatest brands in kitchen appliances, which is why they are given a longer warranty than other brands.

Elica’s performance is satisfactory, and it effectively ventilates your home. No-replacement policy: It has come to my attention that Elica has no return policy, even if the product is defective. Before making your purchase, please read Elica’s return policy!

Is Faber A Good Brand?

Because of its great performance, Faber chimney has received the majority of good reviews and high ratings.

With excellent ventilation and long-lasting performance, they have acquired the market’s reputation as the most dependable brand.

Faber’s distinct selling advantage is that they offer the most extensive warranty in the industry when compared to any other brand.

The warranty lasts about 12 years and the motor is guaranteed for life.

Elica Vs Faber – Which is No.1 Chimney in India?

Both brands are well-known in the kitchen chimney market. Elica and Faber have been producing Italian-designed kitchen hoods since 1970 and 1955, respectively. These companies’ networks have since spread to many more countries.

Both companies make a variety of kitchen-related products and have manufacturing sites in India.

They both share the same appearance, features, and build quality. So it all boils down to brand recognition and after-sales service. Faber has been in the country for more than 24 years and has earned the trust of its customers.

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Whenever Indians buy something for their kitchens, Elica and Faber are often discussed among family members.

Ease of Installation:

Elica defeats Faber in this category. Faber uses local specialists to install their chimneys at the customer’s location. There have also been concerns about how technicians try to make extra money by selling consumers suction pipes and other accessories.

Their local Elica dealers do not have the authority to send professionals for installation. Instead, the consumer should phone the Elica helpdesk, and a skilled technician will be dispatched. This may take some time, but they will not try to sell you a better aluminum suction pipe like Faber.


According to the datasheet, both chimneys are manufactured in China in the same factory. Despite the fact that they have distinct brand names, they are quite identical in every way.

Both manufactures claim a suction capacity of 1200 m3/hr and that they are suitable for two to four-burner stoves. These chimneys have a suction area of 78*30 cm3, which is larger than the area of a typical four-burner stove, which is 50*35 cm3 (area calculated by taking the distances between the burners). As a result, both chimneys should do a good job of pulling smoke from above the four-burner gas stove.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

The suction area of both chimneys is designed slant-back. This aids in draining the blocked oil to the back of the vehicle, where the oil collector is positioned. Furthermore, both chimneys are outfitted with Heat Auto Clean, or HAC. When activated, the core of the chimneys will heat for nine minutes, causing the oil to drip into the oil collector. The core will still need to be cleaned, however the brand claims otherwise.

Although these two helpful features make the process easier, you must still clean the steel filter and the housing. Cleaning a steel filter is less difficult than cleaning a baffle filter.

After-Sales Services:

Maintaining the product might be a pain if the brand does not provide support. The quality of after-sales service should be the decisive element in your purchase.

Elica does not provide the best after-sales service. Also, before purchasing any products from Elica, make sure to read the terms and conditions.

Faber provides high-quality chimneys as well as exceptional after-sales service. Simply call or email Faber Customer Service to file an after-sales service request to fix your product.

Faber vs Elica Filterless Chimney

Faber Filterless Chimney:

Faber filterless chimneys are the most convenient method to have a clean, oil-free kitchen. The chimneys are fitted with a powerful engine that sucks in all the smoke and odor, providing a cleaner cooking atmosphere and preventing grease deposits on your walls. Furthermore, they are quite simple to clean and maintain.

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Faber is the major manufacturer of filter-less chimneys and hence only offers filter-less solutions. It ensures no maintenance costs and easy cleaning. Despite the lack of filters, they have a strong suction. However, because of all the gasses created during intense cooking, baffle filter chimneys are advised for Indian kitchens.

Elica Filterless Chimney:

Elica provides a variety of filterless chimneys, which are the most recent technology on the market. Filterless chimneys are quite popular since they do not require any expensive filters that must be replaced on a regular basis.

 Filterless chimneys require less maintenance and cleaning than filter chimneys and are hence favored. Filterless technique employs centrifugal force to extract all dust and greasy particles from the surrounding environment

Elica filterless chimneys include a self-cleaning mechanism that requires no external maintenance. When the chimney is turned on, the cleaning procedure begins automatically and consumes water.

Best Faber Chimney in India

FABER Hood Primus Energy TC HC BK 60-

This chimney grants you access to a total of four buttons. One of them is for turning on the light, while the other four are for changing the pace.

Key characteristics include:

-The chimney is the same size as Elica (60 cms) above. -It is also a wall-mounted chimney with an auto clean feature.

-It has a tremendous suction capability of 1500 m3/hr. Ideal for a family with a lot of frying needs.

-Use a baffle filter to separate the grease -Faber also provides a one-year warranty on the goods and a five-year warranty on the motor.


Excellent performance

  • Excellent construction and design -Easy to clean baffle filters
  • Improves airflow in the kitchen by efficiently eliminating smoke and gasses
  • Silent operation and simple push buttons
  • Highly efficient LED lighting


  • The plastic hose may need to be replaced on a regular basis.

Best Elica Chimney in India

Elica Spot NG EDS LTW PB – Deep Silence

This is an excellent product for someone who is ready to sacrifice performance in exchange for a silent kitchen chimney.

Kitchen chimneys are known for producing a lot of noise, especially when running at full power. Elica’s deep silent range takes care of this for you.


  • This 3-Dimensional Filter is designed to cover a large area and ensure maximum suction from all sides in 360 degrees.
  • The filter has an incredibly powerful tornadic suction capability, sucking in smoke, grease, and oil from all directions while keeping your kitchen smoke-free.
  • It has a Touch control that allows you to easily access all of the functions of your chimney so you can clean it without difficulty.
  • The two LED lamps are intended to make cooking easier.
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  • Installation fees are slightly higher.


Is Faber an Indian company?

Faber is an Italian kitchen hood manufacturer founded in 1955 by Professor Abramo Galassi, who has been as chairman of the board ever since. Faber introduced the first extraction hood in Europe in 1963.

Is Elica a Chinese company?

Elica is an Italian firm that designs and manufactures kitchen hoods, induction hobs, and boilers. It was founded in 1970.

Is Elica and Whirlpool the same?

Whirlpool India initially acquired a 49% equity interest in Elica PB India in 2018.

Which is better, Elica or Faber?

Elica offers noiseless chimneys at a lower cost, but Faber offers superior chimneys and excellent after-sales service. As a result, there is no exact solution to this question. It is up to you to decide which is your top priority.

Elica Vs Faber Chimney Conclusion:

We conducted a thorough comparison of Elica vs Faber chimneys and their suggested goods. Faber provides the longest warranty on the motor and rotor. Faber Chimneys do not generate loud noises, although they are not as quiet as Elica’s silent range chimneys. Price Range: Faber, like Elica, caters to clientele of varying economic and social class.

Elica offers chimneys at a lower price point, whereas Faber offers luxury chimneys and excellent after-sales support. As a result, there is no exact solution to this question. It is up to you to decide which is your top priority.

Faber’s goods are still worthwhile since they use high-quality materials and have a longer lifespan. Furthermore, they have far more designs than Kaff & Elica.

Choosing a chimney for your home is an important decision. You must understand what is appropriate for your home as well as what is appropriate for your family. Poor ventilation in your home exposes your family to a variety of breathing problems.

The best method to purchase a chimney is to conduct extensive research and consult with professionals who can advise you on what to look for in a chimney.