Chimney VS Exhaust Fan – Which is Best For Indian Kitchen?

As it is known that there is air pollution all over the world, so the exhaust fan isn’t enough for the kitchen. There is a need for chimneys in the kitchen to remove all the harmful pollutants from the kitchen. There is a great difference between Chimney VS Exhaust Fan.

Like chimneys, exhaust fans cannot draw out the harmful pollutants like carbon, smoke, oil and grease from the oily food being cooked. The exhaust fan shouldn’t be used while cooking but a chimney can be used. This article will explain the difference between exhaust fans and the chimneys.

Chimney VS Exhaust Fan - Which is Best For Indian Kitchen

How Does An Exhaust Fan Work?

They have a simple blade and motor installed in it. They can be used for both bathrooms and kitchens. Its main role is to remove all the polluted air and bad smell from the place.

Its working is very simple. It takes the air inside and expels the hot and humid air outside. It freshens the air and makes the place cold. The exhaust fan is connected to a ducting system for performing this function.

  • Most productive method of expelling dirty air.
  • Very simple to use by just switching on the motor.
  • It is mounted away from the human on the wall ensuring safety.
  • Consumes very less power.
  • Quite hard to clean as it is located at a distance.
  • Even by using it, the walls become dirty.

How Does The Kitchen Chimney Work?

The chimney is fitted on the top of the kitchen. It not only sucks the polluted air but also oils, smoke and grease produced while cooking. It is also connected to a ducting system that helps in cleaning the entire dirt from the kitchen. It works on a simple mechanism that works by an electric motor.

It has three major parts: suction motor, duct and filter. The motor and filter are placed inside the duct. When they are switched on, the suction motor throws all the dirt out of the kitchen.

  • Throws away all the dirt, smoke and grease from the kitchen.
  • Doesn’t make sound at all.
  • Very easy to clean.
  • Looks stylish.
  • Quite expensive.
  • Consumes much electricity.

Kitchen Chimney vs Exhaust Fan

Kitchen ChimneyExhaust Fan
NoiselessMake noise while working
Requires high maintenanceRequires low maintenance
Consume more electricityConsume less electricity
ExpensiveCheaper than chimneys
Cleans all the smoke, grease and oil particlesCleans only the dirty and smoky air
Mounted on top of the stoveMounted on top of the ceiling
Responsible for the cleanliness of the kitchenResponsible for getting the clean air in an enclosed area
Consume more powerConsume less power


Is Exhaust fan required in Kitchen with Chimney?

No, an exhaust fan is not required with a kitchen chimney as a chimney performs the entire cleanliness.

What is the difference between Ventilation fan and Exhaust fan?

Ventilation fan brings the clean air to an enclosed space whereas the exhaust fan cleans the pollutants from the kitchen.

Which is the best chimney or exhaust fan?

The chimney is considered to be more preferable as it not only removes the smoke but all the oils, grease and other dirty particles from the kitchen.


It is quite hard to choose between Chimney Vs Exhaust Fan, but this article cleared all the points of difference between them.

It is clear that kitchen chimneys are better than exhaust fans as they clean out all the grease, oil and smoke from the kitchen. The chimneys are a bit more expensive than exhaust fans but they are responsible for complete cleanliness of the kitchen.

The exhaust fans don’t clean the kitchen, they just throw away the dirty air. So, it is advised to have chimneys rather than exhaust fans if the person doesn’t have budget problems.

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