Bosch Chimney Review 2022 – is it Best to Buy?

Founded by Robert Bosch Stiftung in 1886, Bosch is considered one of the best multinational engineering and technology companies in the world. Their headquarter is situated in Gerlingen, however, they have operations in various cities in Britain, North America and India, shipping thousands of products on a daily basis.

Bosch chimneys are the perfect infusion of technology and innovation for a hassle-free kitchen experience.

Labelled as the “Top Chimney for comfort” by many, one may wonder if these chimneys are worth the hype. A lot of customers have given positive reviews regarding the service, durability, style & design and ease on various sites, however, it all boils down to the final question- are Bosch chimneys the best to buy? Let’s find out!

Bosch Kitchen Chimney Reviews

Bosch Kitchen Chimney Reviews 2022

It is of no surprise that Bosch chimneys have made a mark worldwide for their operations & functions. Highly appreciated for their qualities, it is habitual to wonder if it is worth investing in these chimneys.

As per most of the customers, the voltage and electricity supply of these chimneys have been impeccable. The features and aesthetics have been highly appreciated as the style and design are sleek and beautiful. Whether it’s the product material or installation, customers seem to be satisfied with their overall experience.

However, a lot of them have called these chimneys a “bad deal”. Complaints have been made regarding smoke suction capacity as well as the customer care service has been described as “ignorant” and “unaccountable” for their disappointing behaviour while reverting to the customers. A lot of people have also reported that these chimneys stop working efficiently after a brief period of time, thus making them unsustainable.

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Some of them have also expressed their opinions and called the product “decent” and “not worth the price”, based on their personal experience.

Features of Bosch Chimney:

Bosch Chimney ensures smoke and odour-free kitchen by powerful yet silent extraction, saving the kitchen walls and ceilings from damage.

It has a 350-watt motor for effective suction, as well as copper winding and highly efficient filters.

These highly efficient energy chimneys are sophisticatedly crafted to dignify the kitchen, complementing the kitchen with a refined view.

The cleaning hassles begin to lower as these chimneys are equipped with self-clean technology.

Being efficient and convenient, it provides you with the perfect cooking experience.

Latest Technology:

Known for making the kitchen life easier and free of stress, Bosch chimneys has installed the feature of ‘Self Clean Reminder’ which indicates when the chimney requires cleaning.

These chimneys come with a Booster function, which guarantees maximum ventilation during heavy cooking so the kitchen stays smoke-free.

The Delayed Shut Down option gets rid of the persisting odours. It eliminates the leftover smoke by staying on for 10 minutes, before automatically switching off.

With the help of the CleanAir module, 95% of odour from the chimney is absorbed providing maximum air quality at minimum volume.

Last but not least, to prevent friction, Bosch chimneys has installed the feature of EcoSilence Drive which comes with a high-performing magnetic and brushless motor. Fresh and clean air is ensured in a noiseless way, thanks to its Neodymium magnetic core.


Bosch brand chimneys in India offer their customers to choose their chimney installation type which offers unique performance. Based on the models, their chimneys are installed in the kitchen. The recommended steps should be followed for the installation of these chimneys-

  • It is advised to install the cooker hood in a dry place, away from the sunlight.
  • The cooker hood should be mounted over the centre of the hob.
  • A distance should be maintained between the hob and the hood.
  • A distance of 500mm from the hood is required for the induction hobs, whereas for gas hobs, the distance is 650 mm.
  • The height of the cooker hood can be extracted or retracted as per the need.
  • After adjusting the height, brackets and screws can be fixed on the wall. The instructions pamphlet is provided so one can follow the steps accordingly.
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After-Sales Service:

Bosch chimneys have been identified as of top-notch quality, but what about the after-sales service?

The warranty of Bosch products is slightly country dependent, however, it has been claimed that they fully cover the manufacturing defects within the first few years.

The policy is to repair the machine rather than replace it in such an occurrence, but there is also usually a short period when the machinery can be fully refused and returned.

Even though each case is assessed individually, if the appliance has shown repeated failures, then it is most likely to get replaced.

Installation errors, blockages, scratches, misuse, normal noises and customer mistakes are NOT covered.

Flood damage, animal damage, supply power, water and gas-related problems are NOT covered.

Their policies sound fair and obvious for the most part, yet it is worth mentioning that complaints have been received regarding their customer service over the past years.


The series of Bosch chimneys range between ₹15,000-₹50,000 depending on the models and the functions, as mentioned on Amazon.

The Bosch DWS97BA62I Auto Clean Wall Mounted Chimney costs up to ₹50,145 as high-quality features have been installed whereas, Bosch DWG068D50I Wall Mounted Chimney (Steel, 800 m3/hr) is the cheapest model which costs of ₹15,790.


So, what’s the verdict? Are Bosch chimneys worth the hype and the price? The answer would always depend from person to person, but if we go by the experience of the majority of the people, then as per their satisfaction and reviews, it is safe to say that yes, Bosch chimneys are worth the investment.

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With various unique and eco-friendly features, they surely reduce kitchen stress by making it an enjoyable experience.

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