Blowhot Chimney Review 2023

Thriving since 1963, Blowhot is an Indian company known for its extensive range of products to satisfy the needs of Indian households. The designs they offer are not only futuristic and sleek but reliable as well.

With ever-evolving technology, Blowhot’s appliances have met the needs of thousands of people by being accessible to all homes. With their exclusive ranges of Kitchen Chimneys, Gas hobs, Gas Stoves, Induction Cooktops, Built-In Electric Ovens, OTG, and Dishwashers, cooking skills have been enhanced as well as the needs of day-to-day convenience have been met.

Since we’re talking about Blowhot, something that’s worth mentioning is their Chimneys. Labelled as “budget-friendly yet efficient” by several, customers have shown their satisfaction with the product claiming that it is worth the investment.

But if you’re wondering whether or not this information is reliable, this article would further clear all of your doubts! So let’s find out, is Blowhot Chimney the best to buy?

Blowhot Chimney Review:

However, it is no surprise that Blowhot has received mixed reviews regarding its functions and individual experiences.

Most customers have shown satisfaction regarding the durability and the style and design of the chimneys, and it has even been described as a “revolutionary product” The post-installation services from the company have also been appreciated by various customers.

Blowhot Chimney Review 2022

However, like the two faces of every coin, some customers seemed disappointed in their experience. A lot of them claimed that the heating generated a lot of noise and complaints were made regarding the installation.

It is safe to say that the problem was not in the product itself, although efforts should be made to improve the service.

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Features of Blowhot Chimney:

  • The Blowhot chimneys come with a Baffle filter, which is a feature that is highly appreciated for its performance as it chunks the excess oil, grease and smoke.
  • A Motion Sensor Gesture with Digital Display features is also present to make the kitchen experience even better! It keeps the kitchen smoke-free as it draws unhealthy smoke and oily fumes.
  • All blowhot chimneys come with a Touch control that makes the process of using the chimney more convenient.
  • Blowhot works to meet the needs of the customers, as they pledge to deliver the best service in minimum time.
  • Auto Clean feature is also present in Blowhot chimneys which comes with gesture technology control which operates through hand movements making the usage pretty effortless and making the daily task of cleaning the chimney easier.
  • Blowhot chimneys also come with a copper motor which delivers very high performance.

Latest Technology:

If we talk about sleek yet stylish kitchen infrastructure, Blowhot products would surely come first in the minds of people. Just like so, the Blowhot chimneys are also equipped with the latest technology!

Whether it’s the Auto Clean feature that eliminates the tough task of cleaning chimneys from your daily schedule, or the Touch Control feature that makes the operation effortless, Blowhot chimneys deliver an all-rounder performance!

Blowhot chimneys are loaded with ample features- copper motors, LED indicators, removable oil collectors, filters and so on, making it ahead of everyone’s game.


Blowhot chimneys are not only easily accessible but easy to install as well!

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Based on the models, their chimneys are installed in the kitchen. The recommended steps should be followed for the installation of these chimneys-

  • It is advised to install the cooker hood in a dry place, away from the sunlight.
  • The cooker hood should be mounted over the centre of the hob.
  • A distance should be maintained between the hob and the hood.
  • A distance from the hood is required for the induction hobs as mentioned in the pamphlet, whereas for gas hobs, the distance is 400-500 mm.
  • The height of the cooker hood can be extracted or retracted as per the need.
  • After adjusting the height, brackets and screws can be fixed on the wall. The instructions pamphlet is provided so one can follow the steps accordingly.

After-Sale Service:

Blowhot offers an easy exchange policy to their customers, as long as the item is bought from the official website. A product purchased on is eligible for replacement within the return period mentioned below if it fulfils any of the following conditions:

  • The product delivered is different from what was ordered.
  • The product was received in a physically damaged condition or was found defective when the package was opened.
  • The product or parts of the product or accessories that were described on the website as “ In the Box” was missed.


It is a known fact that Blowhot chimneys are not only impeccable but also economically accessible. The series of Blowhot ranges between ₹3,000-₹50,000

depending on the models and their functions, as listed on their website.

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If you’re still in the dilemma of whether Blowhot chimneys are worth the investment or not, then you would be happy to find out as far as their unique features and their functions are concerned, then yes they are! The unique and gleaming design works as the cherry on top!

Also, most of the customers have shown satisfaction regarding their experience, and the verdict has become clear that Blowhot chimneys are definitely of top-notch quality.

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