Best Kitchen Chimney Under 15000 in India 2023

Chimneys have become a necessary kitchen appliance in India in the last decade. Besides getting rid of smoke and gases during cooking it also prevents the kitchen to get greasy.

As a result, there are many brands and numerous models available in the Indian market. For someone to choose the best among them would not only be hard but would take quite a bit of time. 

Kitchens equipped with chimneys also seem to be cleaner, ventilated, and hygienic than those without them. This article provides information regarding the best chimneys in India under 15000 that are known to not only provide excellent service but are also in your budget of 15000 rupees.

Best Kitchen Chimney Under 15000 in India

Best Chimney in India Under 15000

Some of the best kitchen chimneys that cost less than Rs. 15,000 in India are as follows: 

1. Faber 90 cm 1100 m³/hr Auto-Clean Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney 

Best Chimney Under 15000 Rupees

The Faber 90 cm 1100 m3/hr is an excellent combination of outstanding aesthetics and good performance. Not only does it have a curved glass design but also has a black color scheme. 

What makes it exceptional is its filterless technology with the Auto clean chimney. The absence of filters ensures the fact that one does not have to worry much about cleaning it since there would hardly be any maintenance cost.

It has a high capacity motor along with a metal blower which provides powerful suction of 1100 m3/hr and the smoke gets a clear passage due to the motor position.

The push button control in this chimney comes with three options for convenient speed along with a hob light. So not only is it easy to control but also provides the adequate amount of light required for cooking.

While the pros regarding this chimney would be the strong suction and the motion sensor, the only con would be its price.

2. Glen 60 cm 1000 m3/hr Glass Vertical Kitchen Chimney

Best Chimney below Rupees 15000

The current trend is of using products made in India. While most of the products made by Glen used to be imported from Italy, currently more than 85% of their sales are made from those made in India. 

Their products are made keeping in mind certain Indian conditions such as their price. So anyone looking forward to having a modern kitchen should definitely check out the Glen 6079. It gives the kitchen an elegant look with its stunning black toughened glass.

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It can be used in recirculation mode with carbon filters. Besides the factor that they can be easily cleaned, they are also known to last for years. It can be easily operated with button controls and has a powerful suction of 1000 m3/hr that not only emits all smoke but also keep the kitchen well ventilated and odorless.

The advantages of having this chimney would be the thermal overload protector in it that turns off the motor when it overheats and also the powerful suction. There are no certain pros in the case of this chimney.

3. Faber 90 cm 1200 m³/hr Curved Glass Autoclean Chimney

Faber Chimney under 15000

Faber is one of the most sold chimney brands in India. It has produced the latest model of Faber 90 cm 1200 m3/hr this year which might cost a bit more than 15000. Just like the Faber 90 cm 1100 m³/hr Auto-Clean Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney, this model also has curved glass along with a black color finish.

Faber equipped this model with the feature of thermal auto cleaning. This is mostly useful in cleaning oil and other residues. What makes it a perfect fit for a modular kitchen is the motion sensing technology that requires only a wave of the hand for operating.

This chimney has a powerful motor suction of 1200 m3/hr which is better than the previously mentioned Faber model. Similar to this model, the company is well known for manufacturing some of the best filterless chimneys in India.

The pros of this model would be that it is filterless which ensures no cleaning hassles and also saves maintenance costs. The disadvantage would be the newest version being a bit costlier than the old one.

4. Hindware Nadia 60 cm 1350 m³/hr Filterless Auto-Clean Kitchen Chimney With Motion Sensor & Touch Control

Hindware budget Chimney

Back in 1960 the company was known as Hindustan Twyfords Limited but changed to HSIL Limited in 2009. The distinct entity for Building Products Division was initially known as Brilloca Limited in 2019 but was recently changed to Hindware Limited in 2023.

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Hindware Appliances produce all kinds of kitchen appliances from microwaves to dishwashers to chimneys. Their chimneys are designed with the latest technologies for providing both aesthetics and excellent performance in Indian kitchens.

The Hindware Nadia 60 cm 1350 m3/hr Filterless Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney has a simple design along with a curved glass which helps it to integrate with the rest of the kitchen. The chimney has a suction capacity of 1350 m3/hr due to its powerful motors that make it suitable for heavy grilling or frying of food.

The advantages of this model would be its auto clean technology and motion sensors. The only disadvantage, on the other hand, would be the design being too simple.

5. Whirlpool 90 cm 1100 m³/HR Auto-Clean Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney

Whirlpool curved glass chimney

While most Indians associate the Whirlpool brand with refrigerators and air conditioners, they are also known for manufacturing other household appliances such as chimneys.

For enhancing the look of a modern kitchen, the brand designed the Whirlpool CG 901 HAC HOOD kitchen chimney. It makes the whole experience of cooking hassle free. They were made to suit the needs of Indians who prefer food with strong aromas and spend quite some time in their kitchens.

They can be operated quite easily through motion sensing technology and have a suction capacity of 1100 m3/hr. They have a baffle filter that helps to eliminate smoke and greasy from the kitchen. 

When it comes to cleaning, these chimneys have a Heat Auto Clean Technology that eliminates all sticky and oily particles through heat and collects them in the oil collector below.

The pros of this chimney would be their heat auto clean feature and easy control while there is no such con for them.

6. Elica 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Filterless Auto Clean Chimney 

Elica chimney

Elica WDFL 606 HAC MS NERO kitchen chimney is one of the best auto clean chimneys under 15000 available in India. While they only launched their products in India in 2016, they have become quite popular in the last few years. 

This chimney is mostly designed to fit the needs of Indian consumers who belong to the middle and upper middle class. This chimney has a curved glass hood along with a matte black finish. One does not have to worry about cleaning them manually since they have a built in auto clean feature. 

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The filterless technology in this chimney helps get rid of all types of unhealthy smoke, gases, and oily fumes. This is ensured by the powerful suction capacity of 1200 m3/hr. As claimed by customers, the pros of this model would be its easy cleaning and the touch control. The only disadvantage of this model is its popularity since it has become popular quite recently and has to compete with other brands.


Which is the best chimney with an auto-clean feature under Rs 15,000?

The Elica 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Filterless Auto Clean Chimney, Whirlpool 90 cm 1100 m³/HR Auto-Clean Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney, Faber 90 cm 1100 m³/hr Auto-Clean Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney, and Hindware Nadia 60 cm 1350 m³/hr Filterless Auto-Clean Kitchen Chimney With Motion Sensor & Touch Control is the best chimneys with an auto clean feature that has prices under Rs. 15,000.

Which shape of the chimney is best for Indian kitchens?

Both types of chimneys which are the curved glass and straight glass chimneys are suitable for Indian kitchens but the latter fits better in traditional kitchen while the former in modular kitchens.


There are several options for the best chimney for kitchens under 15000 available for Indian consumers. While most choose a model based on its design and performance, they also have to consider other factors such as the warranty periods and maintenance costs.

The above mentioned models are most suitable for modern kitchens but they can also be found in traditional kitchens of customers throughout India. Not only are they some of the most popular models but also the best among others regarding their performance. 

The sole purpose of this article is to provide those who wish to purchase a new chimney under the budget of 15000. The different chimneys mentioned here might have certain similarities and one might find it difficult to choose. Their pros and cons make that decision easy since one can choose based on their requirements.