Best Kaff Chimney In India 2023

The most popular chimneys are kitchen chimneys also known as kitchen hoods. They are installed above the stoves to remove all kinds of smoke, odors, and grease produced during the cooking process.

Being one of the best chimney brands in India, Kaff manufactures chimneys that consist of various styles and technology that would suit every Indian kitchen. This article mentions certain details such as technology, affordability, pros and cons, etc of the “Best Kaff Chimney In India 2023”.

Top 5 Best Kaff Chimney In India 2023

The top 5 best KAFF chimney models available in India currently are as follows:

1. KAFF NOVA SV 60 Kitchen Chimney:

The KAFF NOVA SV 60 Kitchen Chimney was designed as an ultra-modern chimney to upgrade the looks of modern kitchens around India. For extra elegance and style, Kaff has designed them with a matte finish look.

This chimney comes with a feather touch control panel beside a LED display in order to enhance the users’ experience. This ensures clear visuals even at night time but also less energy consumption annually.

Another significant feature is that the body of the chimney has a rust-free coating that keeps the rust away and also adds years to the durability. This chimney fits the requirements of the Indian style of cooking and also gives the kitchen a modern look.

The chimney also has the advanced technology of a 120 W vaporizer. While the energy efficiency and the high heat capacity are pros to this chimney, the only con for it is the additional charge one has to pay for installation.

2. KAFF HAWK DHC 60 Chimney:

KAFF HAWK DHC 60 Chimney

The features of the KAFF HAWK DHC 60 Chimney not only meet all kinds of customer demands but also sets a bar for their future expectations as well. It has a ceramic heater along with filterless technology. It is ideal for small to mid-sized kitchens with a width of 60 cm and a depth of 40 cm.

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The chimney has the dry heat auto clean technology so that customers do not have to face the hassle of cleaning them regularly. It also comes with a maximum airflow of 1180 Nm3/h that eliminates all kinds of fumes and smoke produced in the kitchen.

The automatic slide-open glass panel adds to its sophisticated style due to the black matt finish. The thermostatic touch panel on this chimney with gesture control is the greatest advantage it has. There are also frosted LED lights for the purpose of reducing energy consumption. This chimney can be a bit costly for those who have a budget.

3. KAFF 60 cm 925 m3/h Kitchen Chimney:

Those who are looking for a budget friendly chimney with good features can definitely purchase the KAFF 60 cm 925 m3/hr Kitchen Chimney for their kitchens. This chimney is most suitable for 2 to 4 burners.

Not only is the installation quite easy but it can easily be operated through remote control. It has a stylish stainless steel finish and an aluminum cassette filter.

It is a pyramidal chimney that is about 2 meters in diameter and 60 cm high. Customers will find it very easy to operate this chimney with its push button controls.

This chimney has a suction capacity of 925 m3/hr which makes sure to get rid of all the harmful smoke and fumes produced while cooking. One of the pros of this wall mount chimney is that it is budget friendly. It does make a little sound which can be considered a disadvantage for customers who dislike noise.

4. KAFF NOBELO LX DHC 75 Chimney:

Among other models, the KAFF NOBELO LX DHC 75 Chimney of an be considered to be a bit pricey. Despite the cost, the features of this chimney make it worth the investment in the long run.

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This chimney is a countertop induction hob and has a 3 speed touch control to satisfy the customer demands. Since it has a filterless design one does not have to worry about wasting money or time cleaning it.

The dry heat auto clean option is one of its greatest advantages. This is a German scientific technology where the LX heats water directly in the hob from the tap and does not need any pan or kettle for that.

This frees the customer from the hassle of cleaning any water spills or burnt on food. The price of this chimney is a bit more and can be a con for customers who have a set budget.

5. KAFF Chimney STELLA DHC 90:


The KAFF Chimney STELLA DHC 90 gives the kitchen a modern and sophisticated look with its black curved tempered glass and matt finish body. One of its significant features is the multi dimensional extraction system. The high quality and durability of this chimney make it one of the best KAFF chimneys available in the market.

It is designed to allow maximum airflow and has a suction capacity of 1180 Nm3/hr. This makes sure that the fumes and smoke exit the kitchen in a few seconds.

There are also additional features such as the clock display and the frosted LED light. The filterless technology reduces cleaning hassles and saves time as well. Its innovative technology allows customers to have a healthy cooking experience every day.

The thermostatic touch panel comes with gesture control which is a big advantage of this chimney. A con for this model would be the extra charge one has to pay for the ducting kit.


How good is Kaff Chimney?

Kaff chimneys are suitable for Indian kitchens which have different methods of cooking like heavy grilling and roasting. No matter how much smoke or heat is produced in the kitchen it removes all the toxics from air.

Is Kaff a good brand for chimneys?

When it comes to electric chimney brands in India, Kaff is one of the best. Not only do they have budget friendly chimneys but they are also loaded with the latest technologies.

Is Kaff better or Faber?

While Kaff is an Indian chimney brand and Faber is an Italian chimney brand, the former is cheap but noisy while the latter is expensive and silent. So to decide

Is Kaff a German company?

Kaff Appliances is an Indian multi national appliances firm. It started in India and their chimneys are being imported to foreign countries like Germany, Hungary, and Italy for the last two decades.


Indian style of cooking requires a lot of heavy grilling and frying that produces lots of smoke, fumes and deposite grease in the kitchen. To maintain a hygienic environment in the kitchen and keep the soot away from the walls, one needs to install a proper chimney. Not only it keep the food healthy but also provides clean air to breathe in.

Being one of the most popular chimney brands in India, KAFF has lots of options one can choose from. This article describes the top 5 most popular Kaff chimney models. But the final decision of choosing the “Best Kaff Chimney In India for 2023” depends upon the customers’ needs and preferences.

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