Baffle Filter vs Filterless Chimney – Which is Best?

These days, people love decorating their house and keeping it clean. For the beautiful look of a kitchen, a chimney is a must that is responsible for complete cleanliness and ventilation. It helps get away from all the dust and smoke and keeps the cooking area clean.

But the problem comes down to which chimney is the best. Often people observe two kinds of chimneys, i.e., one with baffle filters and the other one is filterless. 

This article will contain all the differences between both them. It will be a complete guide for Baffle filter vs Filterless Chimney, helping people in buying the best chimney.

Baffle Filter vs Filterless Chimney - Which is Best?

What is Baffle Filter Chimney?

The Baffle filter is considered to be the most advanced filter among all the filters. They are made up of high-quality aluminium or stainless-steel curved plates. These filters have the best suction capacity that helps in getting away all the dust and other harmful pollutants from the cooking area.

This design of these filters helps the oil and heavy particles to get stuck in them resulting in the cleaning of the cooking area. It requires quite less maintenance and comes with auto-clean technology. It can be cleaned once in six months. This makes the best filter as they are completely responsible for the cleanliness and ventilation in the kitchen.

What is Filterless Chimney?

The name suggests that it doesn’t contain the filters, which means all dust and smoke directly go to the motor. As these chimneys have no filters, the motor with an amazing suction capacity helps in removing all the harmful pollutants from the kitchen.

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Less maintenance is required as they have filters. The motor comes with auto-clean technology. The auto clean button is pressed, and the cleaning process just takes ten minutes. These chimneys have zero noise, requiring very less noise while cooking. But the problem is that it can’t hold large amounts of oil in it. 

Baffle Filter vs Filterless Chimney – Differences Between them

Baffle filterFilterless Chimney
A bit noisy and comparatively high maintenance costNoiseless and requires almost zero maintenance.
Comparatively ExpensiveComparatively cheaper
Both manual and auto-clean technologyOnly auto-clean technology
More suction powerLess suction power
Modern design with aluminum and stainless steelTraditional design
Can hold more oil particlesCan’t hold more oil particles
Oil collectors work regularlyOil collectors work only during auto-clean technology

Which is Best in Baffle Filter and Filterless Chimney?

Both chimneys have pros and cons depending on the features. The filterless chimney requires almost zero maintenance as they have no filters. The Baffle filters help in removing large amounts of oil during cooking.

Also, the baffle filters are the latest designs with all the advanced features. The filterless chimney requires no cleaning whereas baffle filters need to be cleaned after 4 to 6 months of use. The filterless chimneys come with the best suction power. 

Both chimneys are best at their features but filterless chimneys are preferred as they are less expensive than baffle filter chimneys


This article contained a deep comparison between Baffle Filter vs Filterless Chimney. People having confused between both of them will surely find this article a guide. 

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The chimneys are responsible for the removal of all harmful pollutants from the kitchen. The kitchen without chimneys is quite dirty. Both these chimneys have advanced features, with minimum prices. A non – vegetarian person should go with a baffle filter chimney as their food contains more oil.

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