Best Chimney Brand in India – 2022

If you live in your home and preparing meals requires more effort than simply popping the bread in the toaster, you need a kitchen chimney. For sanitary and safety reasons, a chimney is now a required kitchen component. Kitchen chimneys are required in all kitchens, modular or otherwise. There are numerous options available on the … Read more

Best Kitchen Chimney Under 15000 in India 2022

Chimneys have become a necessary kitchen appliance in India in the last decade. Besides getting rid of smoke and gases during cooking it also prevents the kitchen to get greasy. As a result, there are many brands and numerous models available in the Indian market. For someone to choose the best among them would not … Read more

How To Clean Kitchen Chimney At Home – Filters, Mesh & Hood

Cleaning in general is a task which requires the utmost effort that too in Indian kitchens which have an immense number of spices and oils. Moreover when it comes to cleaning kitchen chimneys it adds a whole lot more to the plate. One of the most essential components of our kitchen is the kitchen chimney. … Read more

Elica Vs Faber Chimney – Which Is Best Company For Kitchen Chimney In India?

Indian cuisine is as varied as its culture. Famous Indian cuisines are made up of various meals from various locations of India. Each ethnicity and culture may have their own cooking style. However, spices, ghee, and other oils are required ingredients in the majority of Indian recipes. Kitchens in India require excellent ventilation due to … Read more

What is a Chimney? – Types & Uses Of Chimnies

A kitchen chimney is an electronic device that sucks smoke, odor, and oil from your kitchen to keep it clean and grease-free. It is a structure that vents hot flue gasses or smoke from a boiler, stove, furnace, or Chimney to the outside environment. A kitchen chimney is a device that collects smoke and pollutants … Read more