Advantages & Disadvantages of Chimney in Kitchen

Chimneys have become a necessity in the Indian household. Whether for aesthetic reasons or the joy of comfort, the installation of chimneys has experienced a rise over the last few decades. Not only it gives your kitchen a sleek and fresh look, but absorbs the smoke and odour, giving you the perfect kitchen experience.

But it is only fair to wonder if chimneys carry some downsides as well. As the answer, yes they do have some disadvantages. However, let’s get a clear picture of this topic and compare the advantages with the disadvantages.

Advantages of Chimney:

Here are the advantages of installing kitchen chimney at your home,

Removes Excessive Smoke & Fumes:

The major benefit of installing a chimney is that smoke and fumes are eliminated which brings down the level of carbon monoxide in the kitchen. The air in the room stays cool, fresh and clean to breathe and the smoke doesn’t enter the living room and other areas either.

Keeps the kitchen oil-free:

It is no surprise that Indians adore fried food! Whether it’s the festive season or a rainy day, they would dig for any reason to enjoy some fried food. However, several people don’t realise that the fumes that arise from cooking contain oil particles which can lead to the formation of grime on the walls. With the help of a chimney, the problem can be prevented as they suck out the oil preventing them from sticking to the kitchen surface. Therefore, the cleaning mess also decreases!

Helps in Recycling Air:

One of the smartest moves for a kitchen household is installing a ductless chimney in the kitchen! They are very effective in expelling smoke, heat and moisture. The charcoal filters purify the stale air that enters the chimney and passes purified air back into the kitchen. Not only this, but they also aid in lowering the kitchen temperature.

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Adds to the kitchen Aesthetic:

Kitchen chimneys may be pricey, but it is no doubt that they take kitchen aesthetics to another level by giving it a luxurious look. Installing a chimney would add a sleek and exquisite look to your kitchen, getting you tons of compliments for the marvellous interior. The home looks smart thus adding to the market value.

Aids To Health:

As surprising as it may sound, chimneys help prevent you from sneezing. While working with several spices, sneezing becomes a common factor, however, a chimney sucks out the odour of these spices, thus preventing sneezing.

Silent and Efficient Working:

We have established that the chimney traps heat and grease particles, keeping the kitchen free of odour. However, the cherry on top is that this system works smoothly, without creating a disturbance, adding to the convenience and work efficiency.

Makes Cooking Comfortable:

Last but not least, a chimney surely makes the process of cooking a lot more pleasant than before. The heat and steam that comes while cooking is eliminated, which helps in reducing the sweat or feeling of dizziness one may experience during cooking. The indoor air quality remains fresh, and now you can enjoy cooking with your friends and family!

Disadvantages of Chimney:

Here we have listed the disadvantages of installing kitchen chimney in your home.

Chimneys are Expensive:

Undoubtedly chimneys come with end technology and features which make the cooking experience smooth, so it is expected that this technology would also come with a high price! Although there are alternatives available as well as budget-friendly chimneys in the market, there are some chimneys which can make your pockets shake. Therefore, one should choose the most suitable chimney in accordance with their budget.

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Repair and Maintenance Cost:

It has been established that chimneys are expensive to buy, but what would further add more to the expenditure is the repair and maintenance cost. To keep the chimney in the best working condition, one would have to spend on maintenance from time to time. In terms of any problem regarding the chimney, an expert would be in requirement to fix it.

Fire Hazard:

A kitchen chimney can also be considered a great way to heat the home, but it can also become a sight for disaster if it’s not properly installed. It can also lead to a problem with your home’s ventilation system if not taken care of properly. One must make sure to clean it properly and maintain it to avoid any disastrous circumstances.

Difficult Installation Process:

Installing a chimney is a difficult and costly affair. Consumers are recumbent to installation and fitting to their kitchen decor. Even though the process doesn’t take too long, it sometimes becomes a hassle to get in contact with the company for the installation process.


A kitchen chimney produces a good amount of noise leading to disturbance generated in the home. Although there are some noiseless chimneys available in the market, however, they still produce some amount of noise making it irritating for the customers.

Danger of Collapse:

If by chance the chimney collapses, it can lead to great damage to the nearby infrastructure and to whoever is present during the accident. Chimneys must be installed properly to avoid such situations.

Cleaning Effort:

As we’re aware that the main task of chimneys is to absorb smoke and grease, and the surface and filters of it become quite sticky. High efforts are needed to clean the chimney neatly.

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So far we have taken a look at the advantages and disadvantages of having a chimney, but the question arises, are chimneys worth buying?

Even though the answer would vary from person to person, we can conclude that the advantages overpower the disadvantages. The risk of disaster, the stress of cost and maintenance and cleaning effort stay, yet some of the astonishing features and comfort aid provided by the chimneys would always be a winning factor.

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